The Sound of Silence: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee


Softly I treaded on a promontory and stood isolated
Exploring the vacant vast serene surrounding I was captivated
The earth was filled with early morning light
The greens were startled with blossoming petals white
The dew on the grass screamed its ‘ hello’
Silent in its words but strong in its show
The sunlight ran along the hills and laughed among the grasses
The ripples wimpled on the reels like sparkling little lasses
Then crept in the noiseless noise among the trees
The sigh of the rustling leaves born of silence that heaves
In the consonance of the outer world, my inner self expanded
I could hear my heartbeat pulsating with the majestic quietude surrounded
Closing my eyes I kept on listening to the sound of silence all around
In mellow of the soft earth, I felt melodies abound
The splendor of the morning had so much to say
I stood surrounded, detached in the measureless ocean of space
Ceaselessly musing, venturing while communing with everything so mute
Silence is infinity, pure of sound it has meaning profound
My sanctuary found it was my highest time of living
Stillness flooded with passion, my cheers melted into thanksgiving.