The road not travelled: A poem by Supriya Bansal

I clambered on to the bandwagon, avowing ‘n affirming  a rendezvous with You
Bursting ’n bustling with verve ‘n vigor, I trailed the people who said they knew, 
I peregrinated the sacred sanctums, traipsed ‘n trekked the shrine ‘n sanctuary 
Coveting ‘n craving a divine glimpse, a celestial parley to savor ‘n carry
The crowds jabbed ‘n jostled, I toiled ‘n tackled but was shoved to the fringe
I clutched on to the bulging bag of pain ‘n agony, plodding not to impinge 

A rocky ‘n ragged road beckoned, serpentine ‘n sinuous ‘twas,
the route not oft taken, 
I drifted ‘n dawdled along the path, bereft of options, I was shattered, shunned ‘n shaken
No roadmaps, devoid of any milestones, the path curled ‘n curved every step of the way
“Be still,” the road said, “submit ‘n surrender to me, play along, I’d try not to leave you astray.”
The spiked scree ripped ‘n rived my bundle, the pain ‘n despair spilled ‘n scattered 
“Revoke ‘n renounce ‘em, relinquish regret ‘n rejection,” the road divulged, “let ‘em not matter.”

The fears loomed over, eclipsing ‘n obscuring the path, I keeled over, unable to continue 
I gathered my blessings, poured it into my being, lo! My inner light glimmered ‘n grew
In the gleaming glistening radiance, I lingered ‘n lumbered, in my quest to find You,
The dainty dulcet melody of your voice melted into me, I paddled pulled through 

The road, schlepped ‘n shepherded me along, stashed me, where I was long overdue
It twisted ‘n turned within me, into the core of my soul ‘n the pores of my sinew
I rummaged through my being ‘n that’s when I realized, you are me ‘n I was always you!

Note- You (here) is used for the almighty.