Priceless possessions: A poem by Supriya Bansal

I gaze at the pearly, pallid clouds in the purple-hued sky, wafting ‘n wandering,
Heaving ‘n hauling one another, jabbing ‘n jogging with the jaunty gust
The wind wafts a blush of plum, purple sky inside, trembling ‘n tottering 
It tows ‘n tugs the strings of the bundle of my memories, dotted with dust
A misty morning tide, tumbles down, merges ‘n melds into the air all around 
Swathes ‘n swaddles me, in the fluffy, fleecy threads of a weathered, worn quilt
You are by my side, O’ mother, once again, in your whiff I’m drenched ‘ n drowned
Your priceless embrace lingers, you wipe my brow, efface all my regrets ‘n guilt
Another memory bounces out, a summer afternoon, under the Gulmohar tree
Tangerine sunlight peeking through, lush boughs, waltzing with the breeze
Your tiny legs race ‘n rush towards me, I ravel in your zest ‘n zeal, joy ‘n glee
The priceless twinkle of your eyes lies at the core of my pneuma, forever within reach
This other memory is sloshed ‘n soaked in the raindrops of naive romantic adulation,
Two hearts huddled under a single parasol, tackling a deluge of alluring emotions 
The rise ‘n fall of those demure eyes, unspoken yet impassioned affirmations 
I harbor ‘n hoard these moments, they baste ‘n bind me, when I’m too broken 
The gale tangles ‘n tussles, hankering to pillage ‘n plunder my priceless possessions 
I shelter ‘n shield my bale, my only armament against world’s questions ‘n aggression.