The Road not taken- My destiny: A poem by Lalita Vaitheeswaran

At a zigzag of crossroads, life stood to stare
A critical conjecture of moments of crisis and dare
Intersections and junctures seemingly effortless and upbeat
While Others spiked with paths thorny and obsolete
Day in and out poured deliberations and suggestions
Those that determined the hour of the decision
Even when I took the pavements smooth
They turned prickly, spiny and uncouth
I struggled and toiled to reach my goal
While my peer cakewalked as they strolled
Every simple effortless  road that it may seem
Were perplexing, exigent n baffling a dream
Roads taken by one’s own choice or resolve 
In hindsight appeared  something better could’ve evolved
I have no rues or qualms as life is ordained to be
As the road not taken was my destiny.