The Riverbank: A Poem by Manisha Amol


Soaking in the quietude at the riverbank,
Cradled in some endearing past memories,
Conversing with my waltzing reflection,
In embellished pleasurable thoughts deep diving.

Mountains silhouetted at the far end standing tall,
Gazed up at the azure sky spanning across,
Aesthetically strewn clouds of artistic shapes and forms,
Piercing sun rays through the crevices peeping Tom!

The empty boats snuggling too close,
Reminiscing memories of a ride with the oars,
The exuberant fishes popping up a visual delight,
On the waves enjoying a wholesome ride!

A sudden surge in the waves,
Splashed water on my face!
Felt a hand on my shoulders,
Could make out in the reflection!

Oh gosh! not a soul to be seen around,
A shocking figment of my imagination,
Unputdownable thoughts swerved back to the present,
Catapulted pebbles creating ripples in the current!