Pink Petals Of Love: A Poem by Vasudha Pansare

The pink petals of love,
She gently scattered,
In the river of her life,
And when they floated away,
New pink petals she gathered.

She was Friday’s child,
She was so loving and giving,
Never thinking about herself,
Always there for others, so caring,
Love was the purpose of her life.

Love made her being meaningful,
Her pink petals made her cheerful,
Whatever the sorrows, the pain, the troubles,
She was always tenderly smiling,
Candles of love, she was lighting.

She was so sweet, so inspiring,
People buzzed around her like bees,
She was the shade of banyan trees,
Her pink petals of love were so soothing,
Like the beautiful aura of spring.

A thousand attended her funeral,
She lived on in the hearts of her friends,
She was gone, but her memory was eternal,
A perfect example of a successful life.