The Prayer: A Poem by Nida Khwaja

The serene supplication so earnest,
The flawless form of an intense request,

The immense desire for the fulfillment,
The experience of soothing achievement,

The desperate invocation for the divine intervention,
The absolute surrender from each and every dimension,

Yes, I am the prayer, the purest form of communication,
Yes, the most unfiltered and sublime intention!

Sorrows, worries and grief I lessen,
Hope to move forward I deepen!

Folded hands and tears are my companion,
I accompany those who don’t fall prey to distraction,

I am for a devotee with a firm belief,
Undoubtedly, he is the one who from all his pain and maladies get relief,

A worshipper who for aeons can wait,
I, his prayer get acknowledged by the Almighty even when it gets extremely late!

Not for those who get disheartened,
Not for those who say their prayer never gets answered,
I am the request of those who want to be truly pardoned!!