My tête-à-tête with the Almighty: A Poem by Preeti Bawa Talwar

Those innermost secrets
Hiding in the recesses of the heart
Not to be shared with family or friends
For the fear of jeer and betrayal.

There is only one person I can trust
With an open heart and mind
I can share my emotions and thoughts without fear
It can be any time of the day I can offload my burden
I can have this tete-a-tete without giving a thought to time
For he listens to my cribbing, crying, happiness at all times
My friend, philosopher and guide
Without whom I won’t be able to exist
When I am disturbed, I talk my heart out
He helps me in subtle ways to get out of problems
When I am elated he is the first person to partake my happiness
This tete-a-tete or prayer cleanses my soul
Helps me kickstart my day on a positive note
It is a vitamin which peps me
Gives me an energy boost
To live life kingsize