The Power of Compassion and Love

Jay adored puppies and often fed them whenever he came across any. His mother urged him not to, but he persisted. Those tiny ones would wait for Jay, and erupt in jubilation the moment they saw him.

Jay’s birthday was approaching. Every year, his parents took him abroad or to some hill station in India. They planned to travel to Shimla on this birthday, but Jay refused.

“But why? It is a beautiful place.” Jay’s mom said.

“Mom, Dad, there is a new animal shelter nearby. I would love to spend my time there.” Jay replied with excitement.

Jay’s parents were reluctant at first but later concurred.

The animal shelter was 50 km away from their home.

“Jay, you said it is close by, but this shelter is quite far away,” Jay’s father said.

“Dad, I had no idea that it was this far. I am sorry,” Jay apologised.

“It’s ok, Jay. Anything for you, my love,” Mom interrupted.

By afternoon, they arrived at the location. The shelter was enormous and well-maintained. It was home to dogs, cats, turtles, and bunnies. While some ran and played, others slept in their cages.

It was a treat to eyes, especially for Jay. Jay’s kindness towards animals won the caretaker’s heart, and he volunteered to take Jay and his parents around.

While moving around, Jay’s eyes fell on a kitten resting calmly in a corner. It appeared frail. Jay approached her and took her in his arms. The kitten felt cosy and would not let him go.

“Is it ok if I take her home? I can pay you.” Jay said.

“I am sorry, sir. This kitten is weak and disabled. Moreover, it is annoying and cries a lot. Her mother does not want to look after her. If you still wish to go for this one, you will have to take her wherever you go or leave it lying in a corner. In any case, she is not going to survive for long. Hence I suggest that you go for some other pet. I must apprise you,” the caretaker informed with teary eyes.

“What does this kitten need? A big house? No, all it needs is love and care. Who could understand disability better than I?” Jay said.

“I was born with disability, and today if I can do things independently, it is because of my family’s love, and of course, my prosthetic leg. So you see, nothing is impossible. These animals require empathy and care, perhaps a bit more than humans, since they are unable to communicate their emotions in ways that we can,” Jay expressed with a smile on his lips.

Jay’s parents expressed their pride in him, and hugged him tightly. They brought the kitten home, and together they raised it. Today the kitten is not only happy but also strong, and freely moves around.

Sheela S. Iyer