Homecoming of a Martyr


He was a soldier in Indian Army, serving in Jammu & Kashmir. A strong-built young man of 30 years of age, he was posted in a battalion responsible for guarding the territorial boundary of the country. On few occasions, they had to fight with the terrorists trying to enter into Indian Territory.

He was married two years ago. The couple was blessed with a daughter, who was now eleven-month old. He was in regular touch with his family, whom he had left behind in his village. He had promised his family to come home to attend the first birthday ceremony of his little daughter.

It is always difficult for defense personnel to get leave at the time of their personal need. However, he had managed to get one-week leave for attending the ceremony of his daughter. All the family members and villagers were excited to hear that he was coming to attend the occasion.

In the meantime, one day the leader of the battalion got information about encroaching of Indian Territory by enemy men at the border. In no time, a team of seven soldiers including the leader and the young jawan got ready to move in an army vehicle.

The vehicle started. On the way, the soldiers were discussing about the strategy to handle the situation. Suddenly, just before the border, the terrorists started attacking the army vehicle. The brave jawans retaliated, but the vehicle caught fire with the bullets of the terrorists. All the jawans in the vehicle were burnt inside.

Soon the news spread countrywide and reached the village of the young soldier. It was a moment of shock and mourning. A young hero, a brave son of the country laid down his life while protecting his country.

In due time, his body arrived in his village and was cremated with full military honor in the local graveyard.

Yes, he came. He kept his promise. He came back home permanently – not as a son, as a husband, as a father or as a friend, but as a martyr.

Kishor Kumar Mishra