The Only Color: A Poem by Ankurita Khajanchi

My life was a desolate vale, deprived of the prismatic cascade
You painted it with gazillions of amazing Coruscant shades
Those myriad shades that enshroud me since then
Drenching me in chromes of bliss and solace forever, Amen
The only color, I now really crave for
Is the soothing tinge of your amour.

My life was humdrum, with monotonous prosaic
You smothered the blank canvas with vibrant mosaic
This blissful mosaic of commitment is emulsioned with love
And so having each other has always been enough
The only color that upon me, should imprint its finesse
Is getting color-washed with you, in the tinge of happiness.

From deep dark alcove of a longing heart
To the ecstatic rufescence that love imparts
We have stood by even through the tenebrous night
After the crepuscule and before the amber dawn, all grey black and white
The only color that really matters, in the ebb and flow of vehemence
Is the tint of trust, splattered with the joy of our togetherness…