The new normal: A poem by Tshering Wangchuk


The carefree world has now changed,
The daily lives and activities all arranged.
We can’t afford to be carefree and careless,
We’re extra careful, for we fear being lifeless.

A single pint of carelessness can fame us,
As victims in this era of turmoil and fuss.
We must be watchful of every step we take,
For the safety of us and for other’s sake.

Outdoor is a forbidden risky rendezvous,
If you must, your facemask must continue.
Pockets mustn’t be free of hand sanitizers,
It’s mandatory and life needs appetizers.

Social distancing is highly appreciated,
It’s not that human’s values are depreciated.
The situation demands and seeks it,
If you want to live happy, fine and fit.

The pandemic has sown the seeds of fear,
You can’t hug and kiss the dear and near.
The invisible enemy is risky and abnormal,
To fight it, respect and accept the new normal.