The new normal: A poem by Pooja Mandla

Flashes of flamboyance flow through my heart
Flickering memories of freedom and non-Pandemic past

But counting the blessings would make us happy
As complaining all the time will make our life shabby

Acceptance to the new normal is the need of the hour,
Masks and gloves are the must things no matter who we are

Queuing is now the new norm,
Be visiting doctors, shop or even we roam

Public transport looks different and balancing
Commuters wearing gloves masks with social distancing

No more packing in large crowds
Goodbye to concerts ‘n movies is the need, say it aloud!

Social greetings have morphed no more handshakes, hugs, and cheek-kisses
They have replaced by foot-shakes and hand waves

Dining-out will have restrictions around on how many to dine-in
Social-distancing be in place, shared plates may disappear for sometime

We’ll start to holiday more in our backyards
Good things for local economies as they cope very hard

We’ve been conditioned to hypervigilance
It’s good to continue hands and personal, hygienic standards, meticulous!

Creating a routine can give some sense of normalcy
Online Gym programs and getting creative will show positivity

Absurd it is to complain that rose bushes are full of thorns
Accept the new normal, be happy that the thorns still have roses!