The new normal: A poem by Nisha Tandon

We have taken life for granted all this while
With our needs we weren’t ready to compromise
To our lives when the pandemic became a fatal threat
Adapting to drastic changes was the only option left

During prolonged lockdowns “ Work from home”became the new norm
In distancing ourselves from loved ones we had serious qualms
Education worldwide was promoted through distance learning
Amidst chaos ,within us remained a deep sense of yearning

Masked faces everywhere was what we encountered
Strict actions were taken to ensure rules were not floundered
Six feet distances was at all times to be maintained
Washing hands for twenty seconds was a habit that remained

No warm hugs and none of those frequent social meets
All celebrations and festivities have turned to visual treats
No more travel plans to foreign locales in our bucket list
We were perplexed as life took an unexpected twist

“ Online shopping” has now become the latest fad
Sanitization at regular intervals is the only way to combat
This deadly virus that has completely changed our lives
And we have to live with it till a vaccine arrives

“Social distancing” is maintained when we meet
“ Fist bumps” and “ namaste” are the only ways to greet
“Isolating, self-quarantining, Stay Safe” phrases seem to have become immortal
To a common man these changes are the “New normal”