The Mistake: A Story by Aaradhana Agarwal

She mercilessly killed the abuser with perfect planning in a public place in broad daylight. The cold-blooded murder relieved her as she finished the man without leaving any clues, and without any mistakes. She got rid of the disgusting person who dared to abuse her physically repeatedly, with the thought that a meek, poor girl could ever harm him. He had never imagined that the silent victim would be his killer.
He reached the park and found her sitting on a bench near the lake. He looked around to avoid any glaring eyes. She was calmly watching the reflection of green trees in the lake. His presence broke her meditative state. The moment he touched her, she inserted a poisonous pin inside his palm. He twisted his face a little with pain and lost consciousness.
There was not a single camera on the spot to shoot her action. She left the place without any fear and guilt. None doubted that she had a criminal mindset because she was a little ten years old girl residing in the slum area and the abuser was a forty years old man. The next day, local people said that the man died of a heart attack.
She had then corrected the mistake of trusting uncles who used to lure the destitute children with lip-smacking meals, sweets, and some fancy items.