Face in the Mirror: A Poem by Sheetal Pradhan Deshpande

Stood watching myself in the mirror after a tiring day

Dull face, sunken eyes  what else can I say


Shocked to see the face in the mirror, I felt like running away

Came a voice from the mirror let me show you something today


Standing speechless I just watched

Before my eyes a carefree toddler flashed


An intelligent and ambitious teenager

Beautiful bride, with dreams to nuture


This is who you were my dear

But they changed you, I fear


They controlled you and made you uncomfortable

They taught you imperfect was unacceptable


Time to realize that it’s your life

Not just a daughter-in-law or wife


Being perfect is an absolute lie

Don’t let the fire inside you die


Promising something to myself I smiled

Reborn with a new ‘ME’, I got things reconciled!