The Meadow: A Poem by Dr. Guncha Gupta

I bow down to the aurora
N’ as the multitude of spliced thoughts
Swell n’ crash like expansive waves,
Tugging at every knitted, interwoven thread of the intellect.
Till each idea, belief n’ notion threatens to break n’ splatter
Like beads of a woven necklace.
My chest feels heavy hitherto
I succumb to the abyss n’ cogitate.

Dangling racemose laburnums in sunburst colors
Ebb the gigantic tides
N’ sangfroid, my mind rejoices with the fragrance of strewn morning glories
Ornately adorning the verdant
Of my now serene countenance.

Tranquility cascades with fountains of jubilance
And songs of the morning birds lift up my spirits.
Aligned with nature, my meadow is no longer an abstract
But Lord’s own tangible canvas.