Meadow of Mind: A Poem by Rupinder Kaur

A meadow of mind grows fertile sage,
Cultivates words and thoughts on the soul page,
Some are exquisite flowers, some not so gay,
Some meditative, some tranquil and some oscillates,
Beyond the sky thy imagination,
Beyond the horizon thy reign,
Rejuvenating, resurrecting, replenishing every thought,
That comes across thy domain,
A unique garden of Eden,
Where disobedience and knowledge,
Co-exist with no disdain,
Baptizing every thought of creation,
Relishes critical appreciation,
O! The companion of Wordsworth, Aristotle,
Keats, plato and innumerous word maestros,
Profundity, sublimity visits you in solitude
To enrich thy soil to foster magnitude
The pinnacle is thy mystification,
As your potential is beyond worldly disposition.