The Love Song: A Story by Sheela S. Iyer

I was madly in love with Krish but could never gather the courage to express this. Whenever I tried to pour out my hidden feelings, my lips refused to speak. For almost two years, I kept mum and never revealed or sang the song of love. The beautiful lyrics rested in my heart. The only time I unfolded and spoke to him about my love was in my dreams.

He was fond of kids. Every 14th of November, he visited a children’s home with hamper baskets. The year 2019 was no different. Krish and his friends had planned to visit the place in the afternoon. I, too, joined them.

However, 14th November 2019 was a fateful day that I can never forget all my life. Two of our friends crossed the road. I was walking behind Krish. I saw a speeding car approaching close and, even before I could react, the car hit him, leaving him injured. He was lying on the ground bleeding profusely. We rushed him to a nearby hospital. His condition was critical. The doctors suggested an immediate operation. I stood with my folded hands and prayed to the almighty for his life.

The operation lasted for 4 hours. The red light turned green. The doctors came out with not-so-happy faces. He was unconscious due to anesthesia. The following 48 hours were critical for him. A sense of sadness filled me inside. I could not hide my emotions. I continued to pray for his health and speedy recovery. The clock was ticking and, with every passing minute, my heart skipped a beat.

I wiped my tears and kept all the scariest thoughts at bay. I assured myself Krish is doing fine and, I shall confess my deepest secret very soon. 24hrs passed by. He was still unconscious. I took his hand in mine and spoke to him, though I knew he was not listening. I then planted a kiss on his forehead and left the room. That same evening, finally, his hands moved and gave my confidence a boost. The nurse rushed to call the doctor. On examination, the doctor said, “He is out of danger. Your prayers are answered”. Tears of joy came rushing down. My heart danced and sang the song of love.

I rushed home to freshen up. While returning to the hospital, I picked Krish’s favorite white orchid flowers. I sat outside his room, eagerly waiting for him to wake up. I rehearsed all that I wished to say. A smile crept across my face. A little later, a senior doctor came on his rounds and entered Krish’s room. I also went in only to find out he was sinking. The doctor tried to revive him but in vain. My blood ran cold and shook me like a leaf. The world came crashing down. My feet trembled and I felt dizzy. I couldn’t believe I lost him but I did. The song of love remained buried in my heart forever and ever.