The Compassionate Ocean: A Poem by Ambika Gibikote Tadipatri

Pulsating with life the sparkling ocean enchantingly beckons,
Captivated by its magic, the audience clamor for impressions.

Little droplets of water making gurgling waves,
Spurting gently forwards, its flowing path paves,
Touches the hems of golden sands entrancing one and all,
Dribbles a bit and ebbs away at nature’s soft call.
Plinking and humming, the ocean, kindles its own symphony,
Fluid shimmering of turquoise quivering in mystical synchrony.

Amidst the slumbering and rumbling, the ocean-primeval,
Stays magnetically alluring, ambrosial wealth cocooning,
Of oxygen everlasting, minerals never-ending,
And infinite aqua life fascinating.
The ocean’s unremitting with incessant giving.
Reflecting perfectly compassionate living.

Tranquil in Her aura, I see life’s lessons contextually:
Constancy is motion perpetually,
Tempestuous are adversities,
Persistence clears calamities,
Fathomless depth keeps minds at ease,
Flowing love blossoms in peace.