The lighthouse: A poem by Dr. Archana Bahadur Zutshi


The dark baits for the night sky full of stars.
A lighthouse sits upon a monolith
Buffeted by the Atlantic cold.
Nothing seems to stir, the light reaches,
Far across the ocean, away from the coast.
A sign of hope, a weaving of light on the mists rising by the hour.

The lighthouse silently awaits the mariners,
Those in whose veins the sea rises like ambition.
Unfettered dreams straddle to faraway lands.
Unknown, strange hopes of a wonder land.
Inviting with the sapphires and rubies
Quarried in bulk; the lighthouse has molded journeys,
It has been a proof of hope against doubts.
The lighthouse brings moments of delight,
Against deterring despair, Affirmation of the energies driving you.
To your cherished destination
Which thrives like a passion in your heart.
Of eternal journey it stands, of the faith which guides 
The passion of life and commitment!