The lighthouse: A poem by Anindita Mazumdar


Standing at the edge of cliff,

a beacon to the ships.

Guiding to the safest zones

day and night when peeps.


Wafting of the tidal waves

roughly along it’s base.

Lighthouse always lits the lamp

smiling with a grace.


Never tired, never bothered

of any sarcasms still,

ready to brighten forgotten ways

challenging every deal.


Somewhat, like this lonely lighthouse,

wait for you my dear.

Captain of the forlorn ship

might anchor once more here.


Wait for you so long and hence,

ages and eons so far.

Witness all the highs and lows

and moon and every star.


Perhaps, you’d look for love

and slowly hold my hand.

Perhaps, you’d ask to leave once

for your distant land.


Perhaps, we just wait and wait for

that lovely, dreamy day,

and bid an adieu to ocean beds

and lighthouse at the bay.