The Last Train


I’m on board the last train of my life

My station is near

Reminiscing I travel, recalling the journey so far.


Eschewing every bond – I am ready to de-board

Traveling on a one-way ticket

I won’t carry any baggage along, no, not today.


On this last train journey of mine

I wish to travel very light as I walk towards that light

There is no turning back.


Few unknown passengers travel along

Some with a forlorn look, some snivel in distress

Some scared as hell.


But me? I am awaiting the last station,

Indebted to each breath that has got me so far, to each rise and fall

Indebted to my sedulous intrepid self.


An exceptional taste runs through my veins today-

The sanguine taste of my past.


The grey in my hair lordly yet subtly shines

Proudly blithe just like the fine lines under my eyes

I am full of everything yet nothingness at the same time.


When you board your last train on the last leg of your life

Make sure you forgive, forget, let go and smile

Fill yourself with gratitude; don’t resist the quietus.


Your new journey begins here.


Preeti S.Manaktala

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