Mixed media painting titled “Ma Ganga” by artist Nirmala Singh

In the words of artist:

This painting was created by me as part of a national level art workshop organised by a reputed art gallery in New Delhi. I participated in the benign company of nine more senior artists. The theme given for the artwork was “A Religious Deity”. While other artists started painting various Gods & Goddess, I stood spellbound to see their works yet my canvas was blank for almost two hours. Suddenly a figure emerged in my mind; it was Ma Ganga and the end result was highly appreciated.


Mandala art titled “The Labyrinth of Life” by artist Vandana Bhasin

In the words of artist:

The artwork represents the myriad layers that constitute our life. Each circle is like a layer of our relationships, dreams, aspirations, hopes, expectations and responsibilities while the centre of the artwork is akin to our soul, which is the focus of our being. It is vibrant yet peaceful like flowers and still connected to each of the layers that make us who we are (notice the color yellow and blue of the flowers, spreading to all circles- differentiating or connecting each circle).


Oil Painting titled  ‘जलम् जीवनम्‘ – ‘Life’ by artist Ritu Bhatnagar

In the words of artist:

This painting was done as a series of two paintings depicting village life, importance and role of water in the development of human civilization and above all, the role and importance of females and their contribution in daily life. There are two parts of the Title. ‘जलम् जीवनम्‘ , stands for the importance of Water and ‘Life’, stands for Female Power.


Painting titled “Murlimanohar” by artist Sabita Parida 

In the words of artist:

This artwork is a mandala inspired by kalamkari art.The name kalamkari originates from Persian words qalam (pen) and kari (craftmanship). Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle”. Mandalas generally have one identifiable centre point. Sri Krishna is the symbol of supreme beauty, and bliss of life and happiness. In this painting Krishna is the centre, representing the combined art of mandala and kalamkari.


Painting titled “Village Life” by artist Shalini Mathur

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