The Inchoate Elegance: A Poem by Glory Neeraj

Hopping through the shadows, I seek solace,
A lonely squirrel, in nature’s cold ensconce,
Some stories are incomplete but beautiful.

In twilight’s gloom, my dark soul stirs,
No comrades’ chatter, no whispered words,
My life, a lonely, incomplete tale, so beautiful.

Amongst ancient trees, I find my home,
Yet yearn for friends to fill this empty space,
Incomplete, I am, yet the woods are beautiful.

My heart, a canvas of loneliness and art,
In solitude’s depths, I find a fragile heart,
Some stories, they say, are incomplete, yet beautiful.

Through winds murmur and moonlit skies,
I forge my path, where beauty never dies,
In the arms of nature, my tale, incomplete but beautiful.

Author’s Note:

Beauty blooms in life’s incompleteness. The poem, “The Inchoate Elegance,” conveys the essence of lonely souls and nature’s allure, reminding us that even in fragments, beauty thrives.