The Glass Portal to Truth: A Story by Glory Neeraj

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,” Nyamekye crooned in her hauntingly melodic voice. Her ebony fingers, gnarled by time, traced the intricate patterns etched into the wooden frame of the ancient mirror that graced her dimly lit room. The mirror had witnessed a century’s worth of secrets, and tonight, it would reveal one more.

Kwame, her grandson, nestled in her lap like a fragile sapling under the sheltering embrace of a mighty baobab tree. His wide eyes, the color of the African night sky, watched the old woman with a mixture of awe and curiosity.

Nyamekye’s weathered face bore the map of her journey through life, and now it held an expression that was a blend of melancholy and anticipation. She leaned forward, her rheumy eyes locked onto her reflection in the mirror.

A sudden chill swept through the room as the mirror’s surface rippled like a hidden pond disturbed by a pebble’s touch. Kwame’s tiny hand tightened its grip on Nyamekye’s frail fingers.

The mirror came alive with a dance of shadows and memories. Nyamekye’s younger self emerged from the depths of the glass, a radiant vision in her vibrant kente cloth. The aroma of spicy jollof rice wafted through the room, and the distant sound of drumming filled the air.

In the reflection, Nyamekye began to sing a haunting lullaby, her voice resonating with longing and loss. Kwame’s eyes welled with tears, mirroring the sadness etched in Nyamekye’s face.

The mirror’s scenes shifted like a flickering film reel. Nyamekye and her husband, Kwabena, danced under the moonlight, their laughter echoing through time. Their love had been fierce and unbreakable, but destiny had other plans.

A shadowy figure emerged in the mirror, a colonial officer with a stern face. Nyamekye’s face contorted with grief as she watched her husband being torn away, bound in chains, leaving her alone in a world forever changed.

Kwame’s tears fell freely now, joining a river of emotions that flowed from Nyamekye’s eyes. The mirror continued its storytelling, showing Nyamekye’s tireless struggle for freedom and justice, her unwavering dedication to preserving her culture, and the joy of holding her newborn grandson in her arms.

As the last scene played out, Kwabena’s face reappeared in the mirror, his eyes filled with pride and love. Nyamekye whispered, “The mirror never lies, Kwame. It shows the truth of our journey, our pain, and our strength.”

The room was silent, save for the faint murmurs of history. Kwame wiped away his tears, understanding the weight of his grandmother’s legacy. The mirror had revealed a story of strength, love and the indomitable spirit of the people who had faced adversity with unyielding grace.

Nyamekye smiled, her eyes reflecting a lifetime of wisdom. The mirror never lied, and in its depths, the soul-stirring tale of a family and a nation’s history had been laid bare, leaving both Nyamekye and Kwame with teary eyes and hearts full of reverence for the past.

Author’s Note:

“The Glass Portal to Truth” takes us on a poignant journey, where the mirror serves as a gateway to revealing hidden truths and memories, reminding us of the courageous spirit that endures through generations, igniting a flame of remembrance and reverence.