The Holy Ganges and I: A Poem by Neeti Parti

Ma Ganga is an embodiment of gentleness

She is a mother who absorbs the sins of her children

Her divinity is everlasting

She has provided me safe sanctuary since time immemorial

She was as pure as pure can be

Her crystal waters were my haven

Muddied they became

And I declared myself blind for survival

I am the Ganga Dolphin

I taught myself to hunt by emitting ultrasonic sounds


Atrocities on Ma Bhagirathi continued unabated

No difference did my sacrifice make


Entanglement in fishing nets as a bycatch

Hunted for oil, as bait for catfish

As liniment, as aphrodisiac and for meat

I continue to be exploited mercilessly

Endangered now

Both My Goddess and I

Beg for compassion

Pray for mercies

Allow us to survive and serve!