A Cosmic Affair: A Poem by Amrita Chatterjee

A cosmic affair of bodies celestial, 
In the space floating with a charm unequivocal. 
Invoking a sense of perennial awe and wonder, 
The splendor makes the mind through ages ponder.

The sun, the supreme in the center stands still,
Planets in spin in different degrees it glory feel.
The Luna, the queen in the stories of dreamy nights,
Remodeling her ethereal beauty in gleaming delight. 

Gathering of million stars in the dark sunless hours,
The wealth of the vault they multiply and empower.
Streams of colors sweep the poles in magical ardor, 
Heavenly fantasies in those hues take harbor.

Shower of meteors piercing the soul of blackness, 
In the terrain of heaven a show of prodigiousness. 
Marvels of comets, asteroids in the coils of the galaxy, 
A limitless occurrence for the imagination to journey.