The highway to solace: A poem by Ankurita Khajanchi

Fog and mist had blurred the vision,
It was a beautiful morning of the winter season,
I gazed out through the window of the car,
The milestone read 50, we were still so far.

After a wakeful night, I woke up before all the alarms,
Adamant to stop the time, once I’d be in his arms.
And so the highway seemed unceasingly long,
If love was a movie, the distance was a sad song.

The wind was mellifluous and smelled of togetherness,
And yet there were tears, I couldn’t suppress.
Of my heart’s elation, the highway was a witness,
The boulevard and the trees danced no less.

As soon as the milepost hit the 0 mark,
There was iridescence after the pining dark.
I could see him smile, through the dewdrop-clad glass,
Reassuring, comforting, he brought me solace.

Words fall scanty and some feelings are hard to share,
All I can spell is glee on my face and love in the air.
Distance dwindled, and lessened the unfathomable pain,

And there were spectators- the trees, the towers, the wind, and the lane.