The Four Forms of Speech in Love



When you speak to me in vaikhari

I value each word of yours like a precious gem

Repeating them to myself in solitude

I wear them as earrings, and admire myself


I keep thinking of the times when you held me close

And our breath and heartbeats were all that was heard

I felt the rhythmic madhyama connecting us unstirred


Ah! How we kept looking into each other’s eyes

Glances locked in speechless meditation

With strings of pashyanti connecting us undenied


In moments of total surrender that followed

When I closed my eyes in your remembrance

Neither touch, scents, sounds nor visuals bridged us

But a transcendental connection through divine para was made


Love connects us at every level, in every realm we know

Transcending boundaries of all senses, from heart to heart it flows


Jyoti Prateek