The First Shower



Sitting near the window pane she watched the rain drizzle

The misty smell of the soil made the ambience sizzle


The first little showers fascinated her

The sudden scenic beauty left her spellbound


The trees looked greener, their fresh aroma filling in the air

Cars splashing water from small puddles formed everywhere


The tiny droplets reached her face from the window

Washing the fatigue away making her glow


She rushed out to dance in the rain like a child

Leaving all modesty behind she ought to be wild


Her clean clothes now soaked in the rainy water

Her beautiful feet smudged with the mud, why bother


The water soothing her skin making her smile

The lovely weather pacifying her soul for while


The drenched cozy birds imprinted myriad emotions on her mind

Making her urge for someone special she was yet to find


Sheetal Pradhan Deshpande