The fantasy flight: A poem by Muhammad Waqas Gul

Wandering in the fantasy land
I just dream to understand
All across the tiny hill
To stop by the lake to chill
Absorbing the warmth and color
Amber sky refreshes me fuller

When ripples touch the pebble shore
My soul is touched forever more
The whispering wind gently caresses me
With songs of peace and glee
The silence is broken by a sound
By the nightangle singing around

Lavenders that bloom after the rain
The scent of them make me insane
Surrounding the coral blue waters
Green trees glow with laughter
The sapphire waters of the lake
Pacify and comfort my heartache

I hear the music of the silent waves
And at this moment I’m enslaved
The serenity just flows through my veins
The coolness just takes away my pain
How I wish I remain in this fantasy
To keep flying happy and carefree