The Dichotomy of Two Worlds


Paths are diverged and perplexity engulfs both heart and soul

Which one should I tread upon to find peace and console?

Intellect and heart are at two opposite extremes

One leads to the primordial being,

The other belongs to my beloved supreme,

Love beseeches beloved mine,

Soul seeks supreme divine,

The ferry of life knows no demarcation,

She demands immense bliss and salvation,

Ego restricts my path, humility enlightens lanes,

Anxiety captures the two halves, effacing liberates disdain,

Relief and peace lay on their threshold,

Annihilation of self is the only way to attain,

Forgo the superficiality of worldly fountain,

As you may not find either of them on this terrain,

Sanctity, truth and pure intentions foster ties with both,

Heart confides, seeks supreme, destiny is a slave of master realm,

Your desires will experience fulfillments and claims,

One in paradise and the other in mundane


Rupinder Kaur

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