The departed: A poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta

Some souls get departed but enliven in hearts forever,
Painting life’s canvas with their memorable colors,
Silently talking and sharing their words,
Showering love and blessings towards their beloveds!
We can’t see them, but can feel always near,
They always enrich our lives with their selfless care,
We can’t get them back, but they are unforgettable,
With their compassionate hands, they create amazing miracles!
They remain with us as a blissful shadow,
As if God is blessing us from the above,
Never letting us down in life’s odd phase,
Walk along with becoming our strength and courage!
Value of own people is known after their departure,
They are the precious boon and valuable priceless treasures,
Departed they are but always alive,
Teaching us to face every struggle and strife!
O’ who says only the present matters a lot,
Losing someone closed is the greatest loss,
But death is the bitter truth all of us know,

None can stop any soul who wants to go!