At the altar she waited: A poem by Nisha Tandon

At the altar, she waited for him as promised
But without a word, from her, he drifted away 
She continued to breathe but in trance, she lived 
As her black streaks gradually turned to grey  

Her broken spirits saw days change to months
And months slowly transformed into relentless years
The little happiness she ever wished for, eluded her
And the only true companions were her devoted tears

She didn’t let go of his precious memories 
In her fading heart, a ray of hope did feebly flicker 
She continued to weave a million impossible dreams 
As in her ears she often heard him softly whisper
In solitude, she often recalled his comforting touch 
Yet his immortal love she felt through his silent presence 
She kept faith in his unconditional promises 
And his soul meandered around her in moments of silence

Slowly her dimming eyesight beguiled her
And the loving heart that beat for him, eventually failed her 
As she breathed her last, she did not falter

And her departed soul still waited for him at the altar