The Color of Love: A Poem by Ketaki Mazumdar

My love has all the colors you desire.
In the chiffon translucent transparent drape,
I splashed happily,
All the shades of dawn and dusk,
That were in the sky!

My desire glowed as we walked around the flames,
Passion red and yellow of purity,
As we took our sacred vows,
To live a life of joy.

Showered by a diversity of nature’s colored blooms…
Were all the deep colors of our love.

This Earth, the Universe and the beyond,
Held the enormity of evolving shades,
For you and me to pick and choose.
We share each day, Draped in myriad colors of love…
Soft and subtle.

The silver moon of romance reflected in our eyes…
Each drop of rain and sunray created…
Prismatic myriad shades.
They formed the flowing spectrum and blessed us,
With the colors of love, always.