The Color of Love: A Poem by Anwesha Bhattacharya

Ah, Love! That multi-hued emotion!
Lost in the eyes of a forlorn lover,
Blushing in the cheeks of a newbie bride,
Painted on the lips of a kiss that will linger…

Ah, Love! That tinge of purity!
In the tender grasp of a mother’s hand,
Or the diehard romantic totally unabashed,
And the patriotic soldier blessing his land…

Ah, Love! Tugging the strings of the heart!
Like a bohemian wanderer in love with nature,
Like a seafarer’s farewell to his beloved ones,
Like the stormy tempest of wild desire,
Or the warmth with which a gardener will nurture!

Ah, Love! The color which is hard to define!
For it is a color surpassing the spectrum,
Yet in it thrives the living world,
It is the melody of life all want to hum!