The Clock of my Eyes

The clock of my eyes moves independent of mechanical clock of time,
That adorns my wall and rings every hour unlike clock of my mind

Clock of my eyes visits places near & far on dizzy aircraft of life,
Peeps into my heart, shares my despair & delight

There is rosy & resonant dusk in the horizon of my eyes,
Partake I with them, wine of my desires so wild

Knitted brow of my eyes glows in vivacious & vivid vibrance,
When elated emotions surge in enlivening exuberance

The clock of my eyes penetrates into tunnels of my frost beaten dreams,
Inner recesses of my mind they precisely read

The tick-tick of my vacant eyes with horrifying nightmares hears in swanky city
Simmering sobs of downtrodden yearning for compassion & pity

Metaphor of love & lure, piety & pity, empathy & elation,
Silently the clock of my eyes watches autumnal hues of my life merging with ocean

I pray,
May golden slumber kiss everyone’s eyes,
Smile awaken you as the mechanical clock rings in the morning when you rise!

Ritu Kamra Kumar