The bull: A poem by Dinesh Raheja

Two diametrically opposite views,
Society and me.
Because society says conform, do as others do,
Whereas me, I say, do as you want to, be as you want to.

Be a chartered accountant because my grandfather was one too,
No way, I will be a painter, a poet, a writer because I want to.

Maybe on your shown path, there is contentment, there is a pleasure,
But it’s your path, not the path I desired,
It is borrowed earth, not the ground I desired.

I would have lived by the dictates of my friends, parents, brother, wife,
If I had more than one life, but I have only one,
let me go, don’t hold by the horn, the bull.

If you insist, persist, resist, I will unsuccessfully compromise,
And that’s not fair … or is it?