The Brightest Day: A Poem by Sangeetha Kamath Prabhu

Through star-studded swirling galaxies
And constellations celestine,
You chose me when you floated down
Merrily on gossamer wings
The heavens celebrated your arrival
In a firework of meteor showers, starbursts
All around it looked like a divine carnival!
A gaze into your honey-brown eyes,
And I could drown in pools of caramel skies!
Your smiles and laughter were a birdsong chorus,
The gurgling and coos whipped up rainbows miraculous
A name I call you my fairy, my angel
You’re my dazzling light, my twinkling star-spangle!
You brighten up my day even before the dawn breaks
You’re my sun, my sunshine, and all its radiant rays!
Spurts of your joy are my shimmer and shine
My heart breaks when you cry and whine…
I want to capture every moment to eternity
My baby, you’re mine forever—my joy, my felicity!