Once Upon a Time: A Poem by Sangeetha Kamath Prabhu

Once upon a time, there was a time,
When photos were monochrome, sepia, black & white
Jade, lime, olive, myriad verdure sheen
The trees in your backyard were an idyllic green!

The fire in your hearth, a sunset orange–
From amber to a glimmering tangerine it would change
The skies immensely boundless, a blue pristine
Cornflower, sapphire, cyan, azurine…

You pointed out to me a floating frothy cloud
The eagles gliding with their fanned out wings—majestic, proud!
The occasional, lone airplane, a tiny speck above
Glinting like stars, crystal, and diamond, to fly I’d love…

The twilight sky from our patio–a splendid show
On star-spangled violet domes, plum and blueberry rivers would glow!
Under the ivory sequin of the heaven—
Incandescent Mother-of-Pearl, fairytales were woven.

Your lullabies— so euphonious, enchanting,
Your story-telling so gripping, riveting.
Yes, the photos are Black & White, over a spell, dulled
Like pale buttermilk…obscured, blurred.

But the memories engraved in them dazzle!
They’ll never fizzle!
Lustrous golden, radiating rays of hues untold
Sparkling gems they’ll forever remain
Iridescent, prized and treasured!