The book of my life: An article by Vandana Bhasin

Stacked in the pile of books labeled “Wisdom and motivation”, you’ll a find a book gleaming with rainbow colours. A captivating cover embellishes the pages that have been deftly organized as a book. This is the book of my life.

This is the book that captures the anecdotes of my life. Some pages are interesting, some insipid and colorless; some filled with laughter and joy while some will make your heart cry. There are words that could turn out to be truly mesmerizing and those that are thought provoking. Some chapters outline my love for life while others harp on my limitations and oversight. But there’s hope at the end of each page. 

As you leaf through the pages, you’ll be lost in the world of words quilled by this little girl who always dreamt big and marched on with diligence and honesty, to chase her desires, to accomplish her dreams.  She lost herself many a times on the way, grappled to establish her individuality, but resilient she was, so she gathered herself and focused again, only to evolve a little more each time.

Some pages of the book are even crumpled, having seen the worst of times but they do exist, they haven’t lost their identity, though they might appear faded.

There are chapters on relationships- some deep and beautiful as the bond of love, others wounded and healing as days pass by; some soaking in the aroma of true friendship while a few perished in the heat of time.

The ebbs and flows of my career journey contribute to the great plot that will keep you hooked to the book, eager to know more about my tenacity despite the storm of challenges.

You’ll also find few chapters incomplete. Some sentences with meaning missing. That’s how life treated me at times, without providing any logical explanations for the events. I bowed and accepted though I still ponder over it in my solitude.

It’s not a thriller or a humorous tale but the one that you can relate to; where at times, you’ll find yourself assuming the role of protagonist too.

Each chapter of the book of my life is filled with gratitude- gratitude to Almighty for what I’ve been blessed with and prayer for strength to embrace what’s in store for me.

I append more details and more paragraphs every day and carefully place the book back on the shelf in anticipation to meet it with hope and pride next day.