The Blank Page: A Poem by Shashi Dhar Kumar

Upon the blank page, a canvas of life,
A world without colours, black and white.
No spark ignites the scene, no vibrant hue,
Yet within this void, positivity shines through.
Life’s spectrum may be absent, but hope is still in place,
A positive force that no darkness can erase.
In the absence of colours, we learn to see,
The beauty in simplicity, the strength to be free.
No spark is too dim, no darkness too deep,
For in every challenge, our strength we shall keep.
In hues of experience, both shadow and light,
We paint our own tale, from morning till night.
So let us embrace this journey in light,
Where shadows and contrast create insight.
In the absence of colour, let positivity ignite,
A world of multicolours except black and white, where life takes flight.