Dear Life: A Poem by Waheeda Hussain

Dear life, give me some space,
Let me seek some moments of solace,
In the midst of chaos,
Let me stroll leisurely,
On path of calm and serenity.

Dear life, do not rush,
Let me take a deep breath,
Let me rejuvenate my weary self,
And dance and sing,
Through daunting niggling.

Dear life, pause for a moment,
Let me introspect,
On harsh realities that you throw now and then,
Let me savoir some cherished moments,
Of tears and laughter with my beloveds.

Dear life, be humble and kind,
In nature’s arms I need to unwind,
I quest for soothing balm,
to relieve all my fears and grief,
Let me make most of it, as you are
short and brief.