The Art of Living: A poem by Nazima Kachwalla

While I cribbed about my father, 
Not giving me more pocket money,
My father pointed at a little urchin,
Smiling, selling bags at the junction, 
So his mother wouldn’t be begging.
Let’s try to replace cribbing with smiles, said dad,
And he termed it the Art of living.

He took me walking down the lane,
To give me a lesson on life,
He started by saying, ‘I cried for shoes, till I saw someone with no feet,’
Asked me to look around and see,
‘Feel blessed that you have, what others desire and dream.’
‘Make gratitude your attitude,’ he pleaded,
Replace with thank you, all your grievances.’
And he termed it the Art of living

Get happy in others happiness,
Celebrate their success more than your own,
Extend a hand to help when you can,
For life is a journey not a competition,
Do deeds to be remembered once you are gone,
Inculcate in you the art of forgiving,
For that shall be for you, ‘the art of living.’