That One Window


I was shown the exit before a deserving entry

Though I placed with caution my most vigilant sentry


Disquietude was the way of the day

Of the nights, I better unsay


The days were a saga of unbridled torment

The nights had forgotten to be dormant


Sleep was a thief on the run

Rigorous chase, but could be clasped by none


Life was almost a closed chapter

Just awaiting a final disaster


Dreams were moribund before they could soar

Akin to the ship sinking before reaching offshore


The entire room was packed with grim

Except for that one window with gilded frame


From where a flood of amber light frolicked around

Playing hide and seek with my elusive silhouette


It kept me awake, it kept me alive

That one window on my left, left me with life


Leela Satyan

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