Had I Known


I welcome myself with some delectable soul searching,

No pretense, no judgments, no critical lenses,

The relegation of self-banter censured,

The adrenaline of confidence worth emulating,

Had I known the above, I would have known my worth!


The nomenclature of society etched like a pious mural,

Right or wrong- the debate of life marinated so well,

Decisions seeking favors from corrupt peers,

Those sleepless nights deepening the darkness,

Had I known the binoculars of life needed adjustments!


The vexatious castles of thoughts,

Those endless cigarettes now running out of fumes,

A narrative of life spread out like an ambush attack,

How to handle the chaotic mess ruffled insanely?

Had I known; only if I had known.


The fresh coffee finally speaking,

The marination of respect and commitment,

The malleability of cage (life) worth exploring,

The impact of ‘character sustainability’ revealed,

Had I known that this is ‘me’: the Creator!


Rajshree Rathore

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