Survivor: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Should I hide it? No, never, proudly shall I flaunt my scar
To let the world know the  tale of  my resilience, I’m a survivor
It took much to be that, I’ve seen life in its worst
The trauma made me so depressed and devastated, I was aghast
 In my giggling girlhood days I was gliding gleefully with time
Enjoying life to the  fullest in its mellifluous rhyme
Suddenly from nowhere a dark cloud came floating in my sky
Ushering in rain, beaten by storm, I knew I was going to  die
Torn and tattered I was, when diagnosed with a deadly debilitating disease
Darkness surrounded me with all its consuming power, robbing my peace
My face became livid as fear in me did creep
Nebulous in the  mist, tinged with death was my uneasy sleep
Yet even though hurt and broken I refused to  be shattered
With invincible courage I picked up the  pieces to make myself stronger and  better
Slowly I recovered, emerged victorious, surviving the deadly battles that I did fight
Pain stormed deep within but I overcame those dark days and dreary nights
My scar is my badge of honor that I have survived
A proof that I have won when put to test
Not listed with the defeated and drowned, now my life is aligned
To be still around, to be alive is indeed my joy and pride