Flicker of hope: A poem by Deepa Gopal

Hope, Emily says, is the thing with feathers

How true! If not for hope would there be life!?

At every turn the Earth takes, at every twist

The fate makes, we sit tight and pray with might

For everything to turn out right

Over every dark cloud, a silver lining draws

Over darkened shadows, a flicker of hope

Over war zones, the birds do travel

Seeking new pastures over sea and land

Behind the heated debate, a kiss unfolds

Over the dusty quarries, a sapling grows

The arm with amulet, a finger with precious stone

A lamp and incense to the favourite deity

A book with “Om” and a fortune card betwixt leaves

Hope unfolds in manifold incarnations

It is like the aurora borealis on a December night

That leaves us magical and mysterious to its working

Hope is an echo that resounds to spur us up

To awake, arise and ascend new heights.