Summer Blues


It was an unending journey

Betting life in the blue,

Shattered dimensions pose hurdles

Scattered in the hue!


With the stepping stone murmur

Fuelled heart and cool mind,

Jumping to score more in life

Hilarious happy days left behind!


To be or not to be is a youthful glazer

Far in the sky where Herman wise,

Struggle and strength both are a gazer

Spread the wisdom to all alive!


Summer Blues surrounded the happiness

Stepping out is always a charismatic lore,

Shines a good deed in a weary world

With the heart pure and simple galore!


Do the luminous deeds of  pleasure

Blues will die next to suppresser,

Certainly the Soul of the intrepid

Luminate the road for the successor!


Anil Kumar Srivastava

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